Lunar Year of the Horse Banquet and Ida Priutt Scholarship Fundraising Report

Horse Lantern in Yuyuan Gardens, Shanghai - Photo courtesy of The Straits Times
The USCPFA Lunar New Year Banquet for the Year of the Horse was held at Canton House restaurant on February 1, 2014. Although a smaller than usual turn-out, it was a convivial event nonetheless. The restaurant space was ample for attendee tables as well as a containing large area for the annual auction display. To set the stage for the evening, Penny Blackford and her gracious helpers decorated the space beautifully, and Penny also provided unusually striking centerpieces for the tables. Many attendees arrived with lovely items for the annual auction as well, lending to the d├ęcor.

During the meal entertainment was provided by Penny Blackford, filling in for Peggy Roney who was absent due to a health issue and sorely missed , giving the Year of the Horse Chinese astrology lecture and year ahead outlook. The main event was the Atlanta Shaolin Dancer's Lion Dance, which delighted USCPFA attendees as well as other patrons of the space. See the live video for the Lion Dance action.

The auction, our annual Ida Pruitt Scholarship effort, was a success due to the wonderful speech on the importance of educating girls, by Chapter member Dr. Phillip Brachman. The auction donation total was $553 and was generously matched by Dr. Brachman as well. With the auction, matching funds and other donations, the total amount of scholarship dollars collected came to $1,816. The funds will be donated in the name of Geoff Webber and the Webber family, in memory of Geoff, a long time and much loved Chapter member who passed earlier in the year.

The major announcement of the evening was that the Atlanta Chapter will be hosting the USCPFA National Convention in 2015. Look for further information and ways to help in upcoming emails and newsletters.