Book Drive

USCPFA Atlanta Chapter Book Drive

Maintaining a book drive to benefit various causes is a major project of the Atlanta Chapter of the USCPFA. The drive started when one of our board members was invited by the People’s Ambassador Program, an NGO affiliated with the U.S. State Department, to serve as a People’s Ambassador to China for Logic, Semiotics, Philosophy of Science, and Peirce Studies.

Dr. Pearson discovered during his early tours that most departmental libraries at Chinese universities were in need of books. Their need is for books of all kinds with one requirement – that they be written in American English. The Pearson Foundation sorts and distributes the books and pays for all packing and shipping.

Later, after hurricane Katrina did so much damage to the gulf coast, the National USCPFA Headquarters undertook a project of rebuilding middle schools in the Katrina area. Our Atlanta chapter thereupon took on the project of resupplying their libraries. To date, we have sent more than 10,000 books to gulf coast middle schools.

We take books of all kinds: new or used, very elementary to very advanced, pure fiction to advanced scientific text books, any subject, and any condition as long as the books are in one piece and still readable. As mentioned, the only requirement is that they be written in American English.

Books may be brought to any USCPFA function. For additional information or to make a donation, contact Dr. Charls Pearson.