Why Join

Traveling in China and looking for something
                    more than tourist traps and bad banquet food?

Teaching in China and wondering if the accommodations
                               are really going to be up to western standards? 
Love Chinese Food, but want to try something more adventurous  
            than what you’re getting in those paper boxes they deliver?
Watch Chinese Movies, but feel like
                       something is getting lost in the sub-titles?
The USCPFA is the answer and the Atlanta chapter is your local
             resource for the information you want to know  
                 and you need to know.
Learn from experienced world travelers and accomplished adventurers who have spent a great deal of time travelling and teaching in China and who are published authors and experts in a wide range of topics on China and Chinese culture.

USCPFA Atlanta is an organization focused on educational and informative programs designed to help us develop a greater understanding of China as a country and the lives of individual Chinese people through social interactions, Chinese cinema, cuisine and class room style forums. We have dubbed these the four F’s, food, film, forums and fellowship.

Food – Several times a year, we gather for a “Food for Thought” at various Chinese restaurants around Atlanta to explore the culture through cuisine. We’ve explored everything from drunken chicken to chicken cool skin, soup dumplings to hot pot and all of it found in the Atlanta area. It’s always new, it’s always fun and these are by far our most popular events.

Films – A few times a year we have a Chinese Movie Night and pot luck dinner. We have found the cinematic format to be very informative and try to choose films that are both entertaining and educational, something more than Crouching Tiger and Hong Kong action. The films provide a great insight into Chinese culture and these events are a fantastic way to get learn from some of the best Chinese film Directors and Actors in a social setting. A Meet, Greet and Eat followed by a Sino-Cinema Sensation.

Forums – In the spring and fall, we bring together academics and professionals to speak on various topics ranging from underground Chinese films to the Chinese legal system. These highly educational Forums are diverse, interactive and full of information you’re not going to find on the net or the evening news. Even if the topic is outside your interest, the presentations are so layered you will always discover something new that will bring you a greater understanding of China and it’s many peoples.

Fellowship – As an organization dedicated to friendship, social functions are at the core of what we do to create a better understanding of the Chinese people, their culture and their history. There is no better way to know a people than to sit and eat with them, listen to them speak and explore the many facets of their artistic expressions.

Come join us for Food, Fellowship and a Fantastic Experience!