I-Hsiung Ju's Chinese Brush Paintings at the Millennium Gate Museum and the USCPFA National Convention

An exhibit of Professor I-Hsiung Ju's brush paintings will open at the Millennium ´╝žate Museum (http://thegateatlanta.com/) on July the 31st, 2015 and run through October the 18th, 2015. Professor Ju's daughter, Doris, has managed her her father's paintings since his death several years ago. Doris and her family, USCPFA members, will attend the convention on September the 11th - 13th and will also have a small display of Professor Ju's work in our exhibit room at the convention. The exhibits will be a great feature at the convention - you don't want to miss this!

We would like to arrange for convention attendees from out of town to see the Millennium Gate exhibit on Sunday afternoon if they wish. Please let us know if you can be available to take some of the conventioneers there and back to the hotel on Sunday afternoon, September the 13th.
Thanks for your help!